Oral Cancer Screening

Understand the Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

When a dentist looks for signs of cancer in your mouth, it’s called an oral cancer screening. This is often performed during a routine dental visit. During an oral cancer screening, the dentist looks for precancerous lesions, which look like red or white patches inside the mouth. These lesions may indicate an early sign of cancer. Sores in the mouth can also be a sign of oral cancer.


There are certain risk factors that increase the chances of getting oral cancer. These risk factors include using tobacco of any kind, heavy alcohol use, and a previous diagnosis of oral cancer. The risk of lip cancer increases when there has been significant amounts of sun exposure. It’s important to note that oral cancer screenings can lead to additional tests. Also, not all kinds of mouth cancers can be detected with an oral cancer screening. When not diagnosed early, oral cancers become life-threatening.

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