3 Essential Questions to Ask at Every Dentist Office Visit

3 Essential Questions to Ask at Every Dentist Office Visit

Do you have an upcoming dentist office visit? Do you want to be sure you are prepared when you visit your family dentistry office? To maximize your time spent at your visit, there are a few essential questions that you should always ask your dentist. Asking these three questions will not only ensure that you understand your personal oral health, it will also help you make informed decisions that will keep you healthy.

Can you tell me about my overall oral health situation?

Asking this questions during your next dentist office appointment will provide you with a broad picture of your overall oral health. It will provide information on whether you are generally healthy or not, and will help you make better decisions about your treatment.

This question doesn't just provide insight on the health of your mouth. It can also give you insight on other aspects of your lifestyle or health. For example, your diet and even exercise can affect your mouth, so if you have an oral problem, this can help you pinpoint areas that can help improve it.

Can you recommend things to improve my oral health?

Anyone working in family dentistry loves getting this question because it shows that you care about your oral health and want to learn how you can take steps on your own to improve it. Your dentist can help you choose a better toothpaste for your needs and can help you determine whether you are using proper brushing techniques. You can find out more about how to floss properly and can discuss any new product that you may want to try.

This question also gives your dentist an opportunity to discuss any treatments that the dentist office can offer. For example, perhaps you wish your teeth were whiter, and an in-office whitening may help. This is the time to discuss your options.

Is there anything I need to tell my family doctor?

The heath of your mouth is linked to your overall health, and it is important that your family doctor know about your oral health. Your dentists may be the first to spot any symptoms of a possible health issue, and you will want to further discuss this with your doctor. Asking these questions will ensure that your doctor has all the relevant information.

It is important to be prepared at your dental visit. The next time you arrive for an appointment, be sure to have these questions ready so you get the information you need.

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