What causes a Dry mouth?

Dry mouth can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include not drinking enough fluids, sleeping with mouth open, dry hot weather, eating dry foods, or medication side effects.

How to treat your Dry Mouth? 1.Chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free hard candies to stimulate the flow of saliva. For some people, xylitol, which is often found in sugar-free gum or sugar-free candies, may cause diarrhea or cramps if consumed in large amounts.

2.Limit your caffeine intake because caffeine can make your mouth drier.

3.Don't use mouthwashes that contain alcohol because they can be drying.

4.Stop all tobacco use if you smoke or chew tobacco.

5.Sip water regularly.

6.Try over-the-counter saliva substitutes — look for products containing xylitol, such as Mouth Kote or Oasis Moisturizing Mouth Spray, or ones containing carboxymethylcellulose (kahr-bok-see-meth-ul-SEL-u-lohs) or hydroxyethyl cellulose (hi-drok-see-ETH-ul SEL-u-lohs), such as Biotene Oral Balance.

7.Try a mouthwash designed for dry mouth — especially one that contains xylitol, such as Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse or ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Mouthwash, which also offer protection against tooth decay.

8.Avoid using over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants because they can make your symptoms worse.

9.Breathe through your nose, not your mouth. Add moisture to the air at night with a room humidifier.

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