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Laser Gum Treatment

Know How Laser Gum Treatment Works for Periodontal Disease

Laser gum treatment is used to treat periodontal disease. Normally, periodontal disease is treated by cleaning the surfaces of the teeth, along with the roots of the teeth. When this non-surgical procedure is performed, tartar, plaque, and bacteria get removed from the gum and the roots of the teeth. Gum flap surgery is also another method used to treat periodontal disease.


However, laser gum treatment is proving to be more effective than these traditional methods because a laser can get at the diseased areas more accurately. Plus, since laser surgery is much less invasive, swelling and bleeding are greatly reduced. Two more major benefits of using laser gum treatment for periodontal disease is that there is no anesthesia required and the recovery time is much shorter. Even though laser gum treatment is highly effective, you must still take good care of your teeth in order to prevent future periodontal disease.

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