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Partial Dentures

(Starting At  $1500)

Understand How Partial Dentures Work

When you think of dentures, you most likely think of a complete set of traditional dentures that replace all of the missing teeth. However, for those who are only missing some of their teeth, they can choose to get partial dentures. These partial dentures consist of natural looking replacement teeth that are attached to a pink base. A metal framework helps to hold the teeth in place inside the mouth.


Partial dentures fill the spaces of the missing teeth, plus they help to keep other teeth from changing position. Partial dentures make it easier to speak and chew, plus they help to maintain the shape of your face. A few more benefits partial dentures have to offer is that they can ease the stress of your jaw and decrease the risk of gum disease. As with a full set of dentures, partial dentures are usually removed and cleaned at night.

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