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What to do if your crown comes off?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The steps to recement a crown: How to recement your crown.

1. Prepare your royal throne: Grab a comfortable chair and put on your imaginary crown while getting ready for the regal task ahead.

2. Clean the crown like a jewel: Treat your crown like a precious gem! Use a tiny toothbrush fit for a king or queen and give it a good scrub with some royal water (warm water).

3. Give your pearly whites the royal treatment: Make your teeth gleam and dazzle with a thorough brushing fit for a royal smile. Remember to floss like a champion to ensure your tooth is as clean as can be.

4. Summon your knight in shining armor: Head to the nearest pharmacy or dental supply store and acquire a magical substance known as temporary dental cement. It's the key to restoring your crown's rightful place.

5. Perform the royal ceremony: Follow the instructions on the temporary dental cement package with the utmost care. Mix the ingredients as if concocting a powerful potion, and apply a small dab inside the crown.

6. Place the crown with grace: Gently position the crown back onto your tooth, aligning it perfectly with your other royal companions. Remember, even a king or queen needs a little help to get things just right.

7. Banish the excess cement: Wield your tiny scepter (a cotton swab or toothpick) and remove any excess cement that dares to mar the beauty of your kingdom. Pay special attention to the gum line, where no intruders should be allowed.

8. Seal the bond: Like a royal seal, close your jaws gently but firmly to ensure the crown is securely in place. Hold your position for a few moments and let the magic cement set.

9. Embrace your temporary diet: Although you might miss chomping on crunchy treats fit for royalty, for now, indulge in softer delights that won't challenge your majestic smile. Think of it as a chance to savor some regal soups and smoothies!

10. Summon the dental court: Notify your dental professionals promptly and schedule an appointment to restore your crown to its full glory. It's time for them to work their dental magic and ensure your reign remains unblemished.

Remember, a little whimsy can make any task more enjoyable. However, it's crucial to follow the necessary steps carefully and seek professional dental care to ensure the best outcome for your crown.

At Laguna Hills Family Dentistry we pay attention to details.

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